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The Artist's Way 1 and 2


Facilitated by Joel Zak

Both are 7 weeks, Tuesday and/or Wednesday evenings: 6:30-9:00



WHAT: These are 7-week, intensive workshops loosely based on “The Artist’s Way” and "Walking in This World" by Julia Cameron. We have specifically adapted these workshops for photographers because of the unique challenges we face as photographers. The purpose of these workshops is to explore our creative path, to identify and remove the blocks to making better images and  to open doors to advancing our creativity. I say adapted because rather than the usual 12 weeks at a cost of many hundreds of dollars, we chose to alter it  to seven weeks to accommodate schedules and to make it more accessible to a wider audience. However, by shortening the schedule to just seven weeks, this in turn requires intensive work to concentrate on the process. We limit each workshop to only 10 people at a time to ensure that attention can be paid to the process.


IT’S ABOUT: These workshops are about getting to the real driving force behind creating images: your HEAD~HEART~IMAGINATION~INSPIRATION. When you engage this process your images will begin to clearly and consistently reflect a quality, style and an emotional impact that you haven’t seen before.  These workshops are all about removing those blocks and opening doors to your own “ Art of Seeing”  photographically.


WHAT HAPPENS: In both workshops we move through the chapters and execute various exercises designed to focus and expand upon your inherent creativity.  But these exercises are specifically designed for photographers and will focus your own talents on 'seeing' and creating images.


WHO: These workshops attract all types of photographers: those who right now generate all or part of their living from their images or those who aspire to do so, as well as those who  want to move their photography  much closer to creating deeper, richer images...but they are especially geared to those who must satisfy their clients in a highly competitive arena where your clients have access to a world of of images.


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- Contact Joel Zak via email ( click here )

- Workshop $250 each

- "The Artist’s Way” and "Walking in This World" by Julia Cameron,  should be purchased from your local bookstore.


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